How the IT Architect Needs to Consider API Management (Free Webinar)


IT executives tackling digital innovation requires familiarity with and deployment of APIs. But how to integrate them into your existing stack?

Digital transformation creates a new set of challenges for IT architects and developers. Applications need to be created much faster than before, in a way that makes frequent changes possible for reacting quickly to customer needs and your competitive environment. And these applications need to fit in with your existing IT landscape.

Today’s online services are highly interconnected with other existing systems. To fit in this ecosystem, it is important for all members of the ecosystem to be able to both deliver and consume data. That is why they build integrations and expose their APIs, so that vendors could interchange information with partner companies, internal software developers and customers.

API integration is often critical now. For instance, B2B e-commerce software solutions wholly rely on connections with shopping carts to deliver their functions and services. Order management systems need to access data on products, customers, shipping, and inventory levels to be able to process the orders. But along with the benefits of these API integrations, there come challenges as well.

Watch this on-demand webinar, “API Management for the IT Architect”, in which Andy Hampshire, technical evangelist at TIBCO Cloud Mashery, explains how you can achieve these API Management goals using a combination of fine-grained services and composable APIs.

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