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IBM API Connect SaaS Powers Digital Transformation


Webinar: How IBM API Connect SaaS enables businesses to be more agile when it comes to digital transformations, through its integration and security processes.

Digital transformation projects increased at a rapid rate during the coronavirus pandemic, and the IBM API Connect SaaS platform enables businesses to be agile and assertive with their transformation. 

According to a report published by McKinsey, there was an 18 percent increase in business channels being replaced by digital in one year (2019 to 2020), and that is expected to continue to increase by 15.5% over a four year period. 

Webinar: Power your digital transformation efforts with IBM API Connect on AWS  [Register Now]

However, as highlighted many times, digital transformations are not a one-size-fits-all and tend to come with a lot of challenges. One way to reduce these challenges is with the use of APIs, which can speed up the time to market and cut down on the amount of code needed to implement new features.

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Another way to reduce the challenges associated with digital transformations is the use of a management platform, like API Connect SaaS, which easily integrates APIs and lets developers gain deeper insights into the performance of each API. 

An API management platform can curtail API sprawl and inefficiencies related to APIs, by providing business leaders with insight to API integrations and services. A management platform also comes with embedded security, provided through IBM’s gateway solution.

90 percent of IBM clients in North America have said they are seeking an SaaS-delivered model for new management purchases. These clients have a preference for agility, quicker time to market, and want to remove the need for continual software upgrades, which the API Connect SaaS platform provides. 

In a presentation discussing the launch of IBM API Connect SaaS on Amazon Web Services, Rashmi Kaushik, Program Director for Integration at IBM, listed three reasons for choosing its API Connect: 

  • The platform can help with the rate and pace of digital transformation  
  • It provides a balance of self-service and control 
  • It is a low-cost, instantly provisionable SaaS for AWS 

The API Connect works for the entire lifecycle of an API, providing tools for developers to manage, package, publish, govern and grow an API. 

Webinar: Power your digital transformation efforts with IBM API Connect on AWS  [Register Now]

APIs are transforming all industries. In the webinar, IBM highlighted four areas where Connect API SaaS could be deployed:

  • Finance – Fintech apps leverage APIs to provide digital on-boarding, with 6x new customer conversion. 
  • Healthcare – A clinical lab provided test results via APIs, speeding up the process and providing access to more third-parties. 
  • Automotive – A manufacturer uses APIs in connected cars, with car function data sent back to manufacturer and third-party, which can be used to improve the driver experience. 
  • Retail – A retailer uses an open API portal to deal with customer referrals in a faster and more convenient way.

Watch the webinar on-demand now.

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