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IBM Launches Next Generation DataPower Gateway


The all-in-one integration solution ties traditional web services with modern event-based and API workloads

IBM announced the general availability of the DataPower Gateway X3, the latest edition of its multi-channel gateway built to help businesses secure, integrate, and automate applications and services. 

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In today’s world, an organization’s IT environment is distributed across multiple cloud, data center and architecture layers, making it difficult to properly connect and secure all endpoints. With IBM DataPower Gateway, businesses are able to secure their environment and deliver new experiences to customers. 

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IBM DataPower Gateway also provides businesses with scalable integration, allowing them to successfully implement applications and services which can automate process and improve productivity.   

“As more critical business assets are integrated across hybrid cloud environments, ensuring these endpoints are exposed securely and are well protected from threats becomes a growing challenge for IT teams that are already stretched thin,” said Eileen Lowry, vice president of IBM Integration. “In 2021, 62% of cybersecurity professionals reported an increase in their workloads, while 38% also reported being understaffed, leading to many feelings of burnout.”

DataPower Gateway X3 supports a multitude of application types, including web services, common security frameworks for API management and real-time streaming services, such as Apache Kafka and GraphQL. Through this extensive support, businesses can have an all-in-one integration solution that ties in traditional web services with modern event based and API workloads. 

The newest version comes with increased processing capacity and network bandwidth compared to X2, which aims to reduce bottlenecks in moments of high traffic and improve processing efficiency. It also has new security features, such as tamper resistance, cryptographic operations, and message and access protection, enabling enterprise-level security across all integrations. 

IBM DataPower Gateway is used by over 400 financial institutions worldwide and has been deployed in over 80 countries. It is considered a key building block on the IBM Automation portfolio, and integrates with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration. 

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