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Improving Outcomes with Intelligent Edge Systems and Edge Cloud


Edge is considered the catalyst for a lot of emerging technologies, such as LiDAR, drones, traffic management, and wind turbine control.

There are several trends that are making edge computing necessary. One of them is that there will be 28 times the amount of IoT and other connected devices than mobile devices by 2024, according to IDC.

The networking landscape will be fundamentally shifted by bringing machines, transport, industries and entire cities online. That will lead to “more than 100ZB” of data creation annually, three times more than what exists today.

Without the low-latency that edge provides, operators may be forced to perform all computation inside the device. There are some self-driving operators who are attempting to do that, although most see edge computing as complementary to their eventual commercial product.

“These new stakeholders require implementation and support to address edge-specific constraints introduced by their use cases—for example, requirements for low latency, tight data security, or autonomous operations,” according to IDC in a new InfoBrief.

View the InfoBrief, “Embedded Intelligence: Innovation Outcomes with Edge Cloud” below or download the PDF.

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