Webinar Replay: Better Business Insight with Real-Time Streaming Analysis

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According to Gartner (2013), by 2017, over half of all analytics implementations will use real-time data streams generated by the Internet of Things (IoT), applications and even social media. With these next-generation analytics solutions, businesses can take immediate action based on real-time insights generated from the combination of current streaming data with historical data at rest.

In this webinar, you will hear RTInsights contributor Dan Potter of Datawatch explain how next-generation analytics solutions compare to traditional “request/reply” approaches. Advanced analytics solutions use a continuous query approach, resulting in dramatically faster insights: “Let me know in real-time when something important occurs in my business; don’t make me ask.”

Request/reply query approach vs. continuous query

By analyzing the data in motion, businesses in every industry can monitor, analyze and take action—all in real-time.

Next, you will hear about a recent Aberdeen study describing how organizations that use real-time data visualization outpace their competitors in pipeline growth, cash generated and operational cost reduction.

You’ll see real-time streaming analysis and visualization examples in multiple industries plus a healthcare case study with the University of Buffalo where they’re delivering better healthcare in real-time. You will hear Dr. David Poulsen of the University of Buffalo describe how they used a solution combining Datawatch’s data discovery and IBM’s InfoSphere Streams to visualize and analyze real-time streaming video/EEG data for much earlier identification and treatment of patients at risk of developing post-traumatic epilepsy.

And finally, you will learn about the implementation considerations and technical challenges of an advanced next-generation analytics project.

Register for this complimentary webinar, proudly brought to you by Datawatch, to see what real-time streaming analytics and visualization can do for your business.

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