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Edge Computing and 5G Fuel Post-Covid Economic Recovery


Manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, environmental monitoring, and gaming are poised for growth using 5G and edge.

Will edge and 5G pull the economy into a post-Covid boom? There’s no question that the Covid-19 crisis of the past year has accelerated the push to digital, and with it, an increasing appreciation for the potential of edge and 5G computing. Across industries, the need to accelerate digital transformation is greater, strengthening the case for edge and 5G.  In short, 5G and edge computing technologies may be the key to global economic recovery.

That’s the word from analysis out of KPMG, built on research in conjunction with IDC.

The research identified five industries poised to see growth with the combination of 5G and edge computing – manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, environmental monitoring, and gaming. The KPMG-IDC analysts estimate the market size for just these five leading markets at more than $500 billion within the next two years.  


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