How Mature is Your Internet of Things? This New Tool Tells

Industrial Internet of Things Measurement Tool Tool

Freemium assessment tool from Industrial Internet Consortium lets businesses assess adoption, usage and governance.

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has launched a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Maturity Assessment tool, which allows business leaders to measure and better understand the maturity of their IIoT system.

The tool looks at adoption rates, usage, and governance, providing a full analysis of the IIoT maturity and offering improvements. It takes 63 individual capabilities, each with five levels of maturity, running the full gamut of operations to ensure the IIoT system is being utilized to its full potential.

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“The IIoT market has grown quickly and many businesses plan strategy while in the midst of execution and need to step back and assess their true IIoT maturity,” said Jim Morrish, co-chair of the IIC’s Business Strategy and Solution Lifecycle Working Group and co-author of the IIoT Maturity Assessment tool. “The IIoT Maturity Assessment will help companies get a baseline for their maturity right now and assess it in regular intervals to track their progress.”

In areas needing improvement, IIC provides reference links to its knowledge base. The Body of Knowledge is a collaborative effort developed by industry leaders for IIC members. It includes documents on IIoT architecture, security, connectivity, strategy and innovation, analytics, and vocabulary.

The IIoT Maturity Assessment tool comes with three levels of analysis: Quick, Standard and Detailed. The first two are free to everyone, while Detailed is only available to IIC members – this is the option that provides links to IIC’s Body of Knowledge and is critical for business leaders who want to fully process IIoT inefficiencies and find solutions.

“There’s a real difference between using IIoT to streamline processes and using it to create new revenue streams or make better business decisions,” said Ian Hughes, Senior Analyst, Internet of Things, 451 Research. “A tool like this can be a real eye-opener for an organization wanting to transform their business to remain competitive and increase profits.”

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