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Ready for Clickstream Analytics to Transform How Customers See the Web?


Real-time availability has changed the world of clickstream analytics, driving a whole new world of actionable intelligence from your clients’ activities.

Every business wants to extract more value from its website.

Whether it’s increasing conversions, improving workflows, building a smoother customer experience, or offering targeted advertisements based on an understanding of visitors’ demographics, there are enormous opportunities for organizations that can implement the right strategy.

But speed has always been the roadblock to transforming websites. A new Adobe Consumer Content Survey shows that 47 percent of consumers will abandon a digital experience, such as a website or a mobile app, if they perceive that it takes too long to load. If additional technology (such as targeted advertisements) adds time to page load speed, it diminishes value, not extracts more.

Download the RTInsights and IBM Special Report: “Clickstream Analytics Takes Applications to the Next Level.”

Clickstream analytics has existed for more than a decade, but the capability of real-time streaming analytics is changing how businesses approach deriving actionable insights from how visitors use their websites. Modern streaming analytics platforms can scale to hundreds of thousands of events per second and reliably deliver response times as low as 11 milliseconds. Analytics that used to take days or weeks, and required manual intervention from a data scientist, can now be automated entirely at an incredible pace.

These advancements mean the uses cases for clickstream analytics have blossomed well beyond analyzing pain points or drop-offs in a purchasing workflow. Businesses are accelerating A/B testing, analyzing call-to-action buttons for high performance, delivering recommendations in real time, and predicting an individual user’s behavior by correlating historical data and the current clickstream flow.

RTInsights has partnered with IBM and its Streaming Analytics experts to produce a special report that outlines the various and powerful avenues by which clickstream analytics will transform the way businesses build their websites. Complex hardware capability, in conjunction with cloud services-like simplicity, means companies can now ingest data, analyze it, and create new experiences in that 11ms response time. We take a deep dive into one IBM Streams client to understand the infrastructure behind its real-time targeted advertising campaign—just one of the many ways businesses are extracting more value from their websites thanks to clickstream analytics.

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