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IIC Lays Out IoT Endpoint Security Best Practices


A new white paper has been released for equipment manufacturers working with edge devices, going over endpoint security, safety, and reliability.

The Industrial Internet Consortium has released a new secure and safety white paper for Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint, which is aimed at equipment manufacturers, infrastructure operators and integrators working with edge devices.

The white paper is a useful reference for people working in those fields, as it goves over the safety, security and reliability of edge devices, such as sensors, controllers, embedded medical devices, electronic control units, communications infrastructure and gateways.

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“The number of attacks on industrial endpoints has grown rapidly in the last few years and has severe effects. Unreliable equipment can cause safety problems, customer dissatisfaction, liability and reduced profits,” said co-author of the white paper and senior principal at Infineon Technologies, Steve Hanna.

“The Endpoint Security Best Practices white paper moves beyond general guidelines, providing specific recommendations by security level. Thus, equipment manufacturers, owners, operators, and integrators are educated on how to apply existing best practices to achieve the needed security levels for their endpoints.”

The white paper runs over industrial guidance and compliance frameworks. From it, people working in these fields can apply a particular security level – basic, enhanced or critical – to IoT endpoint systems.

“By describing best practices for implementing industrial security that is appropriate for agreed-upon security levels, we’re empowering industrial ecosystem participants to define and request the security they need,” said Dean Weber, -author, and Mocana CTO. “Integrators can build systems that meet customer security needs and equipment manufacturers can build products that provide necessary security features efficiently.”

To view the PDF, see here:

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