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Manual Security Operations Slowing Down Data Initiatives


Data-driven businesses are having to slow down new data initiatives, due to manual governance and security operations required to hold sensitive data.

Many data-driven businesses are having to delay new data initiatives, due to complex and manual data governance and security operations that are required to collect personally identifiable data. 

In a new study by DataSecOps provider Satori, it found that 61 percent of data leaders considered manual security operations to be a factor in data initiative delays. 71 percent of respondents said they collected personally identifiable data, with 41 percent holding financial data like credit cards, scores and payments. 

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The vast majority of respondents (85%) said it was critical that sensitive data is secure, as a way to minimize data breaches and the costs associated with the clean up. 

Two of the main manual processes holding up data initiatives were email and service ticketing and fragmented processes, which rely on multiple tools and custom-built code. 39 percent said they wanted streamlined compliance and security operations, which would allow them to focus on core projects.  

“Our latest DataSecOps survey reveals the state that many companies are in – trying to scale through data but being held back by legacy processes and tools,” said Eldad Chai, CEO and co-founder of Satori. “The results correspond to why organizations are opting for a common data access layer securing access to sensitive data with fully automated tooling and processes, making the data the path of least resistance in the organization. With a modern, real-time data security approach, companies can accelerate delivery of data projects, scale up across the organization and save up to 80% less time spent currently on manual, ad-hoc security controls.”

The study spoke to data engineers, architects and scientists from over 100 hypergrowth startups, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies.

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