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Rising Edge Deployment Supports Digital Transformation


Edge deployment supports real-time decision-making and enables digital transformation, which is a vital part of next generation business.

A new research paper examining the future for edge deployment of network resources has confirmed that the trend seems here to stay. IDC and Limelight Networks predict a 40% increase in edge deployment for 2022. 60% of network resources will deploy at the edge or service provider locations.

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Why more organizations will adopt edge

Another prediction from the paper states that 50% of new enterprise IT infrastructure will deploy at the edge by 2023. Established organizations and startups realize the power of the edge thanks to increased productivity and lower latency.

This is a strategic decision. Most industry professionals believe that moving to the edge will improve efficiency, initiate real-time insights or decision making, and improve security and compliance. Customization of these devices will grow, and organizations will better meet user expectations, even as data becomes more complex.

Despite growing data, edge deployment offers greater control

Shipping large amounts of data to a central processing cloud is expensive and time-consuming. Edge deployment, on the other hand, keeps data close to the device. The result is improved content performance without drastically increasing cost.

It’s also more secure because data doesn’t have as far to go. These factors are a large part of why the paper suggests sharp increases in deployment in a relatively short time frame. Leaders are beginning to trust that edge will improve scale and compliance—two things that often clash as business operations grow.

Edge deployment supports real-time decision-making. Digital transformation is a vital part of the next generation of industry. Real-time data insights shift businesses towards that goal, and companies can leverage edge deployment to make sure they meet digital transformation goals of personalization and connectivity.

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