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4 Industrial Metaverse Trends: Hyperbole or Revolution?


Can an industrial metaverse supplement the digital transformation manufacturers are already going through?

We might be tired of hearing about the metaverse already, but as Bloomberg Intelligence predicts, investment and value will only grow in the coming years—as much as $800 billion in value by 2024. That would be happy news to Facebook’s ears, considering their recent attempts to take ownership of the “metaverse” term and its next-generation implementations in the business-to-consumer (B2C) space.

But there’s an entirely different reality afoot for the industrial metaverse, which aims to bring digital-first experiences to a process that’s inherently physical by nature. This takes digital transformation and “Industry 4.0” to a whole new level. Instead of bringing machines online via IoT or building digital platforms that help them perform predictive maintenance asset monitoring remotely, the industrial metaverse starts with a digital experience that can then translate to their physical operations.

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Understandably, many manufacturers are skeptical about the value they could possibly get from engineering digital parallels of their plant floors or oil rigs. Can an industrial metaverse supplement the digital transformation they’re already going through, or do they need to get ready for another sea change in manufacturing?

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