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How Call Centers Use Streaming Analytics for Real-Time Answers


Call centers have a lot of client data available to them, but it’s often locked up in myriad legacy systems. Streaming analytics can help speed response.

Call center representatives (CSRs) have tough, complex jobs. Dozens of times each day, they are asked to analyze a customer’s problem, cross-reference details from the caller with an existing profile or troubleshooting information, and deliver a satisfying result. Supervisors monitor the content and quality of each session and continuously push CSRs to make calls both faster and of higher quality. And, at the same time, they’re often the recipient of an inconvenienced customer’s frustrations.

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Recently, large call center operations have realized that providing more capable tooling to their CSRs could optimize the entire process, make customers happy, and make CSRs better at their jobs.

Call centers have an enormous amount of data about customers available to them, both from existing profiles and data from the customer themselves as they explain the context of their problem. This data is incredibly valuable to the transaction, but legacy, batch-oriented analytics solutions aren’t able to ingest, process, and deliver intelligent results fast enough to help the CSR during the call.

Forward-thinking call centers are investing in streaming analytics as a solution to legacy, batch-only data processing and the need to empower CSRs. In a streaming-enabled call center, voice data is ingested and converted into text, analyzed for sentiment, cross-referenced with the customer’s existing profile, processed through artificial intelligence, and returned to the CSR in a matter of milliseconds.

RTInsights has worked with IBM and its Streaming Analytics experts to produce an eBook highlighting the potential of streaming analytics in the call center. A deep dive into how a major mobile telecom provider’s call centers are deploying streaming analytics demonstrates the value in improved first-call resolution rates, boosted morale, and minimized agent-to-agent transfers. By offering better tools to their CSRs, the company and IBM are helping call centers achieve impressive new heights of efficiency and high-quality customer service.

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