Artificial Intelligence and the IoT: Special Report


Artificial intelligence must move beyond statistical correlations to make the most of the Internet of Things.

To correctly process raw sensory data and make smart decisions, Internet of Things platforms require artificial intelligence.

The use of AI methods is critical along various points of the IoT system cycle — detect, derive, decide, and do — and in a variety of use cases including health care, defense, and manufacturing.

Read this report to learn:

  • Applications of artificial intelligence in the IoT.
  • Why the use of statistical correlation has drawbacks in IoT applications.
  • Characteristics of successful AI systems, such as handling uncertainty in real time.

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Dr. Opher Etzion

About Dr. Opher Etzion

Dr. Opher Etzion is professor of information systems and head of the Technological Empowerment Institute in Yezreel Valley College in Israel. He is also a former chief scientist of event processing at the IBM Haifa Research Lab (full bio) . Follow him on Twitter @opheretzion.

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