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Real-Time Insights Used for Continuous Product Improvement


Grammarly uses continuous intelligence and real-time insights to improve security and feature delivery time.

Grammarly Inc, the company behind the AI-based typing aide Grammarly, collects an abundance of data from its popular assistant program, which is used to continuously improve the product and provide real-time insights on any issues affecting the product. To better manage this influx of data, Grammarly recently moved from an open-source solution to Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform. The previous open-source solution had required too much maintenance and Grammarly were looking for a solution that would scale with the company’s ambitions, while also providing real-time insights and a good user experience for the engineering teams using it. 

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“The real-time insights from Sumo Logic gives us a framework for what our optimized services looks like. This framework empowers our engineering team to speed up feature delivery and time-to-market for new development efforts,” said engineering manager at Grammarly, Maryna Veremenko.

Grammarly, which is used by 30 million people worldwide, utilizes Sumo Logic’s platform to improve feature delivery time and maintain a secure environment. The platform’s security insights enable engineers to be secure through all stages of a new feature’s development. 

“Our security team uses Sumo Logic pretty heavily as the main tool to monitor our environment for suspicious activity,” said Veremenko. “The product’s convenient user interface and dashboards make it easy to narrow in on the important alerts to see what’s happening. It’s really stable in handling our data volumes, and, most important, it empowers our engineers with the information they need.” 

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As Sumo Logic’s platform is cloud-based and integrated with Amazon Web Services, which powers Grammarly, the solution is able to infinitely scale with the company and meet spikes in demand.

Looking to the future, Grammarly is looking to continue optimizing the storage and data analytics through Sumo Logic’s data tiering capabilities. 

“We’re looking forward to using Sumo Logic’s new cost management dashboard to obtain deeper insights into how we’re using the product. With that information and Sumo Logic’s flexible data tiered pricing, we can continue to optimize how we’re managing our data, as well as reduce our costs,” said Veremenko.

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