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Multicloud Plans Suffer From The Covid Fog

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AIOps and observability can help enterprises roll out their hybrid and multicloud strategies.

It should come as no surprise that multicloud computing gained interest and momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic. Multicloud can be a key element in a digital transformation strategy. Yet, the real value from multicloud and hybrid clouds often is still out of reach because enterprises are slow to revamp their IT operations.

So, AIOps may be able to help, according to Roy Illsley, chief analyst at research firm Omdia. At an Interop Digital IT Automation presentation in June Illsley discussed how AIOps and observability can better enable hybrid and multicloud adoption. He was quoted in an IT Pro Today article.

“Unfortunately, what we haven’t had a chance to do during this pandemic is transform our IT operations teams to match the evolution or revolution that’s happened within the business. AIOps, I believe, is a way that organizations can adopt tools and processes to address meeting this gap that exists between what the business is wanting to do and how it can support it and drive it in the future,” said Illsley.

Peek into those silos

Illsey noted that many organizations have visibility challenges because they are still operating with data in silos. That means they don’t see the overall picture of their business, their data, and their operations. He said AIOps can help break down those silos by correlating data and spotting trends.

According to Omdia, cloud computing use expanded from 25% of all workloads in 2019 to 35% in 2020, adding urgency to AIOps adoption. Illsley also noted that Omdia forecasts the growth of the global AIOps market from $913 million in 2020 to $2.3 billion in 2024.

Illsley highlighted how AIOps can leverage existing tools to provide value to an organization through better decision making. Such tools tend to handle tasks such as system monitoring, application performance monitoring and ticketing.

“AIOps, at its heart, is a technology that will deliver observability. It will enable IT operations to make smarter decisions faster, more accurately, but it will not be a silver bullet,” he said.

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