BMC Adds New Cloud Integrations to SaaS Solutions


BMC has announced new cloud integrations for its Helix Control-M SaaS solution, and these integrations will be available on AWS Marketplace.

IT management firm BMC has announced a whole host of new cloud integrations for its Helix Control-M and self-hosted Control-M SaaS solutions, aimed at enhancing the value proposition for customers already using BMC services and enabling them to keep up with the ever-increasing number of cloud and data ecosystem services on the market.

The most recent set of cloud integrations announced by BMC include services from the big three cloud providers. From AWS, BMC has added Athena, Elastic Container Service, Cloud Formation, and Mainframe Modernization integrations. On Google’s side, BigQuery has been added, alongside Platform Functions, Dataprep, and Deployment Manager. Azure Resource Manager is now available as an integration, as is Salesforce’s Tableau and SQL transformation workflow service dbt. 

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Control-M customers are able to access these cloud integrations through BMC’s Application Integrator tool, which helps with the creation and modification of integrations. 

“Successful enterprise technology teams require fast and modern cloud and data technology integrations for their data workflow orchestration solutions, for both on premises or as a service platforms,” said Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President, IDC, in a statement. “Now more than ever, companies are choosing products in this market that enable innovation with modern technology support. Having the freedom to orchestrate application and data workflows across diverse technology landscapes is vital for the successful operation of any mission critical application.”

BMC has also announced that the integrations will be available on AWS Marketplace, which provides Helix customers with another route to buy software and tools. In the press release, BMC said they were doubling-down on the commitment to have Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M integrations available though major cloud service providers. 

“These integrations and the ability for AWS customers to get Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M on the AWS Marketplace are critical to helping customers expand their orchestration frameworks, become more data driven, and ultimately deliver better business outcomes,” said Gur Steif, president, Digital Business Automation at BMC, in a statement. 

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