Dr. Alain Briancon

About Dr. Alain Briancon

Dr. Alain Briançon is the Chief Technology Officer and VP of Data Science for Cerebri AI. Dr. Briançon is a serial entrepreneur and inventor (over 250 patents worldwide) with a vast experience in data science, enterprise software, and mobile space.   Cerebri AI develops and sells CVX, one of the most sophisticated CX platforms in the world.  CVX measures customer engagement (CE) and uses these CE values to drive financial results. Our CVX platform is a leap forward in applying AI and reinforcement learning to draw insights from customer journeys. The CVX Next Best Action{set}s insights are driven by patent-pending object-oriented AI & reinforcement learning modelling methods that time, value, and sequence up to four events rendering both rules-based and AI-lite technologies obsolete for driving maximum results. To learn more about Cerebri AI and CVX please visit www.cerebriai.com.