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Sumo Logic Expands Continuous Intelligence Capabilities


Attendees to the Sumo Logic Illuminate user conference got an overview of new continuous intelligence offerings that are now part of the company’s platform.

Sumo Logic last week announced enhancements to its Continuous Intelligence Platform. The new offerings span DevSecOps use cases and enable universal data portability through open-source telemetry collection and real-time, advanced analytics to drive faster decision-making and address data security needs from cloud to edge to end user. There are additions that:

  • Expand the breadth and depth of its observability solution
  • Improve security posture management to provide deep-rooted visibility and power to the next generation of SOCs
  • Offer improved data collection through new innovations for OpenTelemetry projects

There were significant updates or additions in each of these areas.

Regarding observability, Sumo Logic expanded the breadth and depth of its solution with new real-time data sources and integrations to provide deeper insights and value, including:

  • Advanced analytics for a comprehensive alert response, whichlets users move beyond manual issue diagnostics and troubleshooting to analytics-guided issue resolution.
  • Sensu Go. As part of its recent acquisition of Sensu, Sensu Go is now part of the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform, helping users quickly get real-time insights from unstructured data for troubleshooting, performance improvement, and security across their dynamic infrastructure.
  • Sensu Plus, whichis aimed atSensu customers who want an integrated analytics engine to produce insights from their observability pipeline data.
  • New and updated apps supporting full-stack observability: These apps cover the entire application stack offering out-of-the-box integrations for cloud services, app infrastructure, and Sumo Logic solutions.

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More continuous intelligence security features

New security features and enhancements expand Sumo Logic’s existing SOAR, SIEM, and telemetry capabilities and partnerships. In particular, the company announced enhancements to its Cloud Security Analytics and Monitoring solution to improve security posture management, including modern workload protection, open XDR, and new and updated security applications with out-of-the-box integrations for major cloud security and workforce protection offerings.

Data collection essential

With regard to data collection, Sumo Logic announced new innovations for OpenTelemetry projects, including:

  • Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry Distro and Ecosystem Support: Now in beta, Sumo Logic’s Open Telemetry Distro is a next-generation agent-based collector that provides customers with a single agent to collect all of their critical telemetry data, including logs, metrics, and traces based on a widely supported open-source standard. In addition, Sumo Logic now supports AWS OpenTelemetry Distro to help with the collection of observability signals, as well as Red Hat OpenShift Operator through the Red Hat Marketplace.
  • Orchestration powered by Open Integration Framework: Integrates with the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform, as well as hundreds of security and IT tools and technologies and orchestrate using Sumo Logic’s Open Integration Framework, providing security and IT teams with varying levels to create custom integrations with low-code.
  • Sumo Logic open-source programs office. Through this initiative, Sumo Logic will work to increase its engagement with the open-source community and to provide transparency into the company’s work and priorities.
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