Ketchum Launches Predictive Analytics Services


Vital Health is a suite of services that uses predictive analytics to help healthcare clients.

Ketchum Analytics announced its launch of Vital Health, a suite of analytics-driven services for healthcare clients featuring predictive analytics.

At Vital Health’s core lives Vital Diagnostic, a tool that uses predictive analytics to provide each client with a “Vital Health Score.” This score provides insights on addressing challenges and monitoring stakeholder healthcare companies.

Vital Diagnostic uses Ketchum’s analytics tools including social listening, influencer and reputation management analytics determine a brand’s score also based on:

  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Compliance
  • Integration
  • Social responsibility
  • Patient-centricity
  • Employer of choice
  • Quality
  • Industry leadership

The tool measures a company’s vital health and enables its decision-makers to evaluate all that contributes to maintaining or improving its score. Its main goal? To provide a framework upon which the company should build its ongoing strategy.

It can identify issues and provide insights on things like how a drug launch may affect market position or the ramifications of the drug pricing debate on company reputations.

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“Everything is under this new Vital Health organization principle. We designed all those services for health,” says Tom Jones, SVP and MD of Ketchum Health. “While a lot of agencies are making acquisitions and hires to keep up with trends, we already have those services. We just needed to organize it.”

Once Vital Diagnostic’s tools identify a brand’s needs, Vital Health executes the tasks to meet those needs. Vital Health offers services ranging from research and internal communications to digital influencers and can also make use of resources from Ketchum’s other offerings.

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