Greg Slater

About Greg Slater

Greg Slater is General Manager of Flutura, where he is responsible for developing sales and marketing strategy and identifying revenue opportunities for the company and its flagship Cerebra, an award-winning Industrial IoT solution that manages and optimizes machine performance. Greg is a highly accomplished executive-level global sales and marketing management professional with 20+ years of experience providing the leadership and direction needed to accelerate revenue, growth and market share. Prior to his position at Flutura, Greg was VP of Sales and Marketing at Management Controls Inc., where he launched and managed the companies highly successful sales and marketing strategy and teams.  Greg’s skill at developing and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies and building and motivating teams to deliver exceptional performance, was a motivating force in the success of Trig Point Solutions, of which he was Co-Founder and President, a market-leading SaaS provider of intelligent workflow, mobility, data capture and analytics solutions for oil and gas companies and service providers.  Greg founded the company in 2007 and grew it to successfully capture 40% market share, before its sale in 2017.