Dr. Shamael Zaheer Khan

About Dr. Shamael Zaheer Khan

Dr. Shamael Zaheer Khan is Vice President (Marketing and Strategy) at Hyperzod Technologies Pvt Ltd. He is a dedicated academician, content writer, and strategic leader with a demonstrated history of success. Dr. S.Z. Khan has honed a deep and profound knowledge in Professional Communication, Marketing Management, and Corporate and Business level strategies, enabling him to guide the next generation of professionals. Additionally, Dr. Khan excels as a creative Content Writer and Public Speaker, offering valuable insights and information to a wide range of audiences. As the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at a renowned SaaS firm and having several years of experience in a field that relates to strategies, hyperlocal eCommerce, and digital marketing, Dr. Khan combines a wealth of academic and experiential knowledge to devise innovative marketing strategies driving company growth. This unique blend of skills allows him to create a lasting impact not only in the SaaS industry but also in the broader professional landscape.