Kurt Collins

About Kurt Collins

Kurt Collins started his engineering career at Silicon Graphics, Inc. where he debugged parts of their UNIX-flavored operating system. Soon after, he left his Electrical Engineering & Computer Science studies at MIT to start his own company; he's been an entrepreneur ever since. Initially working on the software engineering side of startups, he eventually switched his focus to business development and worked at Photobucket.com, Inc. He then worked at several early-stage startups, managing partnerships with organizations such as Friendster, Facebook and Adobe. In 2013, he became a cofounder of The Hidden Genius Project after he and his colleagues saw the need to increase the amount of black men in the technology industry. Mentoring young people interested in the technology industry remains a personal passion of his. Today, he continues his work with tech startups and nonprofits alike as a Developer Evangelist for Built.io. Follow him on Twitter @timesync.