Kyle Connor

About Kyle Connor

Kyle Connor has over 15 years of experience in mission-critical networks. As the Transportation Industry Principal for Cisco, Kyle is responsible for understanding the transportation industry, partners, solutions, and opportunities. Kyle has an Electrical Engineering degree from Texas Tech University, Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering. His employment history includes engineering, sales, and management positions with Boeing, Airbus Defense and Space, Lockheed Martin, and Harris Corporation. Kyle’s background in technology and innovative solutions has helped him be successful in delivering a state of the art IP CCTV network alongside multiple critical data and voice networks at DFW International Airport as well as numerous other solutions with large transportation agencies. Kyle represents Cisco’s Kinetic Industry Products team and focuses on business outcome solutions for transportation providers. The Kinetic Industry team at Cisco is leading the way in edge and fog compute as well as in making transportation solutions more automated.