Moe Tanabian

About Moe Tanabian

Moe Tanabian is the Chief Product Officer at Cognite. In that role, he spearheads product strategy, execution, and management, driving innovation at scale in the realms of software products, AI, ML, and IoT. Most recently, the AI innovators at Cognite published The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry, a free resource to aid in successful digital transformation.  Before joining Cognite, Moe served as Vice President and General Manager of Azure Light Edge at Microsoft, where he led a $2 billion P&L for Microsoft's IoT, OT, and embedded industrial products. Prior to that, he held influential positions at Samsung, where he excelled as Vice President of Smart Products and IoT, and Amazon, where he played a key role in building and delivering the Amazon Android Appstore for Kindle Fire and Amazon Phone devices.