Dr. Phillip J. Windley

About Dr. Phillip J. Windley

Dr. Phillip J. Windley is an Enterprise Architect in the Office of the CIO at Brigham Young University. He is also the founder and CTO of Kynetx, creator of Fuse, an open-source connected car. Phillip is also the cofounder and organizer of the Internet Identity Workshop. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University where he teaches courses on reputation, digital identity, large-scale system design and programming languages. Phillip writes the popular Technometria blog (at www.windley.com) and is a frequent contributor to various technical publications. He is the author of the books "The Live Web" published by Course Technology in 2011 and "Digital Identity" published by O'Reilly Media in 2005. Phillip spent two years as the CIO for the State of Utah in 2001-2002, serving on Governor Mike Leavitt's cabinet and as a member of his senior staff. Before entering public service, Phillip was Vice President for Product Development and Operations at Excite@Home. He was the founder and CTO of iMALL, Inc., an early creator of electronic commerce tools. Phillip serves on the Board of Directors and Advisory Board for several high-tech companies. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis in 1990. Follow him on Twitter at @windley.