Tejpal Chadha

About Tejpal Chadha

Tejpal Chadha has been Global Head, SaaS Cloud & Cyber Security, at Digitate since November 2021. A seasoned engineering leader with 30+ years of leadership experience spanning SaaS, cloud computing, security, and chip architecture and design, Tejpal is focused on delivering complex high-technology products capable of driving rapid change in both start-up and mature company environments. At Digitate, Tejpal manages a global team to deliver and maintain cloud deployments and security controls 24/7, driving and implementing cloud strategies around DevOps, Containers/Kubernetes, multi-cloud, cyber security, and compliance controls around SOC2 Type2, HIPAA, and GDPR. He works closely with CISCO and the CTO Organization of various Fortune 500 Customers to review Digitate SaaS Security Posture and how it maps and meets their expectations.