Data Governance Concerns in the Age of AI


As more organizations make use of generative AI, there is growing concern about data governance issues that may emerge with the use of the technology.

A recent survey conducted by Komprise, a leader in analytics-driven unstructured data management, highlights the increasing emphasis on data governance in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption. The third annual Komprise 2023 State of Unstructured Data Management survey reveals that while organizations are embracing generative AI tools, a majority still express significant concerns.

Key Survey Findings

The survey, which gathered insights from 300 global enterprise storage IT and business decision-makers at organizations with over 1,000 employees in the United States and the UK, highlights several key findings:

  1. Data Governance Concerns: A prominent theme revolves around data governance concerns associated with generative AI adoption. Two-thirds of organizations express apprehensions about security, privacy, transparency, ethical considerations, and potential data leakage into vendor AI models when allowing employee use of AI tools.
  2. AI Preparedness: Organizations are actively preparing for AI adoption, making it the top data storage priority for 2023. This reflects a keen focus on ensuring readiness for AI implementation within their data management strategies.
  3. Multi-Pronged AI Risk Management: A significant number of organizations (40%) plan to adopt a multi-pronged approach to comprehensively manage AI-related risks. This approach encompasses various aspects, including storage, data management, and security tools.
  4. Scaling Data Management: The survey indicates a notable increase in organizations handling large volumes of data (over 10PB), reflecting the growing significance of efficient data management practices to accommodate vast data repositories.
  5. Data Management Challenges: Data management challenges emerge as a critical theme. These challenges include seamlessly moving data without disruptions, preparing for AI and cloud services, and involving non-IT users in data management processes, with a strong belief (85%) in the role of non-IT personnel.

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These key themes collectively emphasize the pivotal role of data governance, preparedness for AI adoption, and efficient data management in organizations’ strategies as they navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI technologies.

The survey underscores the critical role of data governance in the era of AI. As organizations embrace generative AI tools, they are increasingly focused on implementing robust data governance strategies to ensure AI technologies’ ethical, secure, and efficient use.

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