Future-Proofing Factories: The Seamless Data Connectivity Blueprint

To achieve optimal performance, every factory needs to integrate its diverse legacy and modern systems and eliminate silos. How do we address the need for a complete data set across entire systems?

Join us for this informative on-demand webinar, sponsored by PTC Kepware, as we map out a seamless data connectivity blueprint. Designed for manufacturers who want to modernize their factory and futureproof operations.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Discover how to eliminate data silos and unlock best breed analytics solutions by leveraging a data agnostic platform. 
  • Consider a company example of how automation best practices reduced errors and improved quality by turning data into actionable information. 
  • Explore how companies are choosing what data to store on premises, in the cloud or both, and which option is better.
  • Understand why contextualized data matters. Gain insights into the power of creating a single data hub and an example of how one company used aggregated data to help solve a problem on the plant floor. 
  • Find out how to overcome the challenge of translating legacy equipment to modern equipment. Learn about an enterprise level connectivity platform.

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