Accenture Adds AI Tech to its Analytics Portfolio


The technology will be integrated into the Accenture Touchless Testing Platform to strengthen its analytics and cognitive capabilities.

Accenture has acquired an artificial intelligence technology from Real Time Analytics Platform, Inc. The company will integrate the newly acquired technology will be integrated into its Touchless Testing platform to strengthen analytics and cognitive capabilities.

These tools will complement Accenture’s Touchless Testing platform to help speed the adoption of extreme automation and AI-enabled services.

Real Time Analytics platform utilizes AI as machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks to analyze each stage of software testing. Users can apply insights from the data to:

  • Optimize test case execution
  • Reduce defects
  • Improve human decision making

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The advances in AI and analytics helps companies find and eliminate efficiencies to improve productivity by 50 percent. Software that supports continuous testing gives companies a competitive advantage. Integrating the Real Time Analytics Platform enhances the Toucheless Testing platform’s AI-driven capabilities to drive productivity and agility.

Sam Bhat, CEO, Real Time Analytics Platform, Inc. says, “As more organizations embrace digital transformation, the demand for testing and quality assurance will only increase as it’s a critical component for ensuring new applications meet the demands of the business. We’re excited about the value our platform will bring to their already robust offerings in this space.”

Earlier this year Accenture launched new services for AI systems testing. Powered by a “Teach and Test” methodology, the company designed its services o help companies evaluate their AI systems’ safety and reliability. The company holds over 250 patents and pending patents related to software testing.

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