ADLINK Partners With Foghorn Systems for DXS IoT Platform


ADLINK, an edge computing and IoT solutions company, announced on Thursday a new partnership with Foghorn Systems, an IIoT solutions provider.

ADLINK, an edge computing and IoT solutions company, announced on Thursday a new partnership with Foghorn Systems, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider.

Foghorn Systems will integrate its Lightning product portfolio into ADLINK’s Digital eXperiments as-a-service (DXS) solution, providing real-time streaming analytics, machine learning, and enhanced security through edge intelligence.

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DXS enables businesses to test IoT and IIoT use cases without the risk or upfront cost typically associated with IoT deployment. The success rate for full IoT solutions is currently at 26 percent, and that coupled with the high upfront cost may be one of the main reasons businesses are, generally, not looking into full IoT deployment.

“ADLINK DXS enables industrial organizations to think big, start small and work fast when integrating IoT-based functionality within new business models or processes,” said Andy Penfold, director of offering management at ADLINK.

“It’s very clear that an edge-to-cloud approach will emerge as a primary design principle in IIoT production deployments, so adding the leading provider of edge intelligence into the DXS creates, in our opinion, the most advanced testing ground available for IIoT projects.”

With Foghorn’s edge computing assistance, ADLINK DXS becomes a more active platform for businesses to trial IoT systems, as it offers a cloud-agnostic approach that maximizes real-time insights and offers machine learning variables.

“ADLINK is meeting a critical need in the market today with its DXS offering, giving organizations the tools and expertise to model multiple IIoT use cases with little risk or cost,” said Kevin Duffy, vice president of business development at FogHorn. “FogHorn is a natural extension of this initiative to bring the technical and economic benefits of edge intelligence into the modeling of IIoT projects. We’re very excited to be working with ADLINK.”

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