AI Solution Assesses Vehicle Condition in Minutes


The app leverages massive training data from millions of images to see vehicle damage in the same manner as a human assessor.

AI-based visual analysis has applications in a broad range of fields. It can be used on an assembly line to inspect for product defects, detect the difference between a human and an animal, and more. Tractable, a visual AI company, has found an interesting use that assesses a vehicle condition.

The recently launched artificial intelligence solution is designed to assess the condition of the external vehicle body quickly and effectively. Anyone with a smartphone can conduct the assessment by walking around the vehicle using the app.

The AI vehicle condition inspection solution

The app offers users instant access to Tractable’s AI platform, a system that leverages massive training data from millions of images to see vehicle damage in the same manner as a human assessor.

It offers a solution for users whether they’re purchasing or selling a private vehicle, as well as conducting inspections of rented or leased vehicles or recycling parts. The app even has use cases associated with the insurance, from underwriting to accident inspections.

The solution also provides a unique remote option for inspections that normally have to happen in person. This solution could bring faster results, reduce logistics costs in transporting to a site, and allow organizations to improve the overall customer experience.

How the solution works

The company uses millions of images for training funneled into a deep learning algorithm designed specifically for computer vision. Users upload a video of the car to the app. The tool analyzes the body to find aberrations that could be the result of damage to the exterior body.

The app also interacts directly with the user to guide better videos and ask questions to fill in gaps. AI can request additional information or images for clarification to ensure the best possible assessment of the vehicle body. The live video capture and comprehensive AI fraud checks ensure that each appraisal is as truthful as possible.

The solution is now available in North America, where it’s already been applied to millions of vehicles, and over 20 insurers and automotive companies have used it to accelerate the automotive accident recovery.

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