RealPage Launches an AI Take on Underwriting Analytics


RealPage calls it the industry’s first on-demand, AI-driven underwriting analysis of asset value designed to reduce investment risk and speed up deal flow.

Real estate software and data analytics provider RealPage has announced the launch of RealPage Underwriting Analytics. This on-demand, artificial intelligence-driven analysis of asset values reduces investment risk and accelerates deal flow for those involved in commercial real estate ventures.

The solution combines industry standard for rent and sales comps and pipeline, with lease transaction-enabled data. This combined information produces accurate estimated values for tens of thousands of multi-family units.

Multifamily investors generate much of their return on investment (ROI) from capital management. Previously, investors used time-consuming analyses and expensive market studies to drive decisions about what, where, and when to buy or sell. Underwriting Analytics’ RealPage platform increases timeliness of the data to provide more accurate, valuable information.

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Real estate professionals and investors can access to RealPages data science and data-set anytime, anywhere through the company’s website. The platform features an easy to use and highly customizable interface based on a variety of investment strategies that provide real-time insights on property value.

Multifamily investors can take advantage of the data collected for millions of units with free access to market and property performance analytics including:

  • Market and property levels
  • Effective rent
  • Rental concessions
  • Occupancy rates

Keith Dunkin, Senior Vice President of Asset Optimization, says, “We leveraged our success in predictive analytics with YieldStar and LRO, and introduced an expanded artificial intelligence approach to correlate our survey-based rents with our highly accurate lease transaction benchmarks to produce a synthetic NOI and assessment of value for these assets.”

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