Arable Labs Aims to Bring Predictive Analytics to Farming


The company just received $4.25 million in funding for their Arable Mark plant and weather monitor.

Agriculture accounts for about 10 percent of the world’s gross domestic product, which is an estimated $7.8 trillion. That figure is expected to rise to $20 trillion by 2050. As a result, Agtech has become a hot market, generating billions in funding annually.

New Jersey-based start-up Arable Labs has joined in, having just closed on $4.25 million in funding for their Arable Mark plant and weather monitor. The sensor platform uses the IoT to bring predictive analytics to farming.

“The Arable Mark measures more dimensions of physical meteorology, at greater spatial density, than any weather model or station network, and more plant attributes, at greater frequency, than any satellite or aircraft. By measuring over 40 individual environmental data streams, the Mark is the most data-rich device available in the IoT market,” Arable Labs said in a statement to VentureBeat.

The device uses sensors to gather data on everything from air temperature to moisture levels in the soil, generating insights on both crop status and the surrounding microclimate. Arable says this can help make the process of calculating crop yields and quality more accurate, improving sales and decision on logistics. It also is touted as giving traceability to retailers.

The launch of the Mark coincides with the introduction of the cloud-based Arable Insights platform for farmers and food processors in the agricultural supply chain. The platform provides real-time field-level data.  The insights generated allow food producers to predict timing, yield and quality. Arable says it plans to expand the platform’s interoperability to include integration with Valley Irrigation’s AgSense and Irrigation Exchange.

Features of the Mark include:

  • 2G/3G cellular.
  • WiFi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Two different mounting configurations: a vertical stake to sit above crops, and a horizontal mount for pre-existing infrastructure.
  • Ability for an imaging device to be attached.
  • One additional port for wired sensors like irrigation monitors or SigFox.

The Arable Mark platform will begin shipping this spring with wider distribution planned for later this year, and the Arable Mark IoT device will also enter general availability by the end of 2017.


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