AT&T Opens Doors to Its New IoT Marketplace


The wireless carrier designed the marketplace to make the benefits of IoT accessible to everyone, and to get their clients thinking about solutions.

AT&T has launched the IoT Marketplace, a one-stop shop that gives companies looking for plug-and-play solutions a variety of options to choose from. The company claims it’s a first in the IoT industry, a single digital shopfront for both businesses and individuals.

In the past, scalable IoT solutions have been financially out of the reach of all but large corporations with big budgets, now they are available to everyone, regardless of company size or budget. The marketplace consists of devices, elements, and connected solutions, all ready to use and connect to AT&T’s cellular network.

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Want to build your own device? Choose from a collection of IoT starter kits, which provide everything needed to create and connect device prototypes.  The offerings in the marketplace are designed to be ready to use, so organizations can avoid the cost and frustration of having to collect the right components, assemble them, deploy them, and manage them. The IoT Marketplace is designed to make the process simple by providing a path to IoT enablement for every experience level, and across multiple industries, so even companies with no previous IoT experience can now benefit from the Internet of Things. The data plans can be shared across devices and compatible SIMS are available for any size device deployments, from a few to hundreds.

Everything in the marketplace is ready to deploy over AT&T’s network using one of their IoT Data Plans, which can also be purchased there. Starter Kits make it easy for companies to experiment with IoT without costly expenditures or risk. They include everything need to collect sensor data, utilize cloud services for management, storage and analytics, and connect to the AT&T network. The IoT Marketplace is now open and available to everyone right now.

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