Informatica Rolls Out Latest Streaming Solution


Informatica has announced the general availability of the industry’s most comprehensive method for enterprise streaming data management.

Enterprise cloud data management firm Informatica has rolled out what it calls the industry’s most comprehensive method for enterprise streaming data management, designed to allow businesses to gather, analyze, process and act accordingly on streaming data in real-time, in order to make speedier and better data-driven decisions within their operations.

To assist organizations in realizing the full potential of real-time analytics, Informatica is also providing free technical workshops about best practices for developing analytics projects. Information about the workshops can be viewed on this site.

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This latest streaming solution by Informatica includes Big Data Management, Edge Data Streaming, and Informatica Big Data Streaming. The unified program will help businesses face the challenges of managing large amounts of real-time insights streaming into data lake environments from a variety of data sources, insulate against changes to development languages that can slow down developer productivity, and erase the need for workarounds to patch together existing incomplete streaming data management solutions.

Updates to the Informatica solutions include an SLA-driven brokerless approach that uses Informatica Edge Data Streaming to gather all data, allowing the data to be collected and processed without any loss. Its brokerless architecture allows Edge Data Streaming to continuously gather data across many on-premises or cloud source-to-target patterns without needing any specialized development.

Also included is a brand new high-volume mass ingestion capability for databases within Informatica Big Data Management, which allows organizations to swiftly integrate structured data from various data sources in a single step in order to grow developer productivity. Plus, the new AI-driven solution with the Claire-based Intelligent Structure Discovery lets data engineers automatically parse data from semi-structured data sources, such as IoT devices or web clickstreams, into structured forms.

“As the largest oil refinery in India operating the largest petrol station network in the country, collecting real-time consumption data is essential,” shares Abhishek Choudhary, the manager of Information Systems, Indian Oil.  “Informatica’s comprehensive and brokerless approach to stream data management enables Indian Oil to deliver real-time analytics at an enterprise-level quality of service that continues to keep us ahead of the competition.”

Also, new to Informatica Big Data Streaming is the capability to provide support for the most current version of Apache Spark Streaming, helping organizations to instantaneously benefit from its speediness while extending support for Microsoft Azure EventHub, and allowing organizations to gather data from more data sources within the cloud.

Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager for big data, C\cloud and data integration at Informatica, explains, “Organizations are aggressively pursuing innovative real-time analytics as part of data-driven digital transformation initiatives. The opportunity for enterprises to successfully deliver on emerging real-time requirements derives from having a comprehensive approach to enterprise data stream management for any data. Manual, fragmented, and incomplete solutions cannot scale for the enterprise real-time analytics needs.”

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