About Brad Kirby

Brad Kirby is a seasoned finance & technology professional with over 15 years of experience, currently serving as COO of EDJX International, as Co-Host of The Next Wave Podcast with Dean Nelson (former Head of Uber Compute) and James Thomason (Former CTO of Dell Cloud) and as an advisor to a number of tech start-ups. He has presented at several global events, including IEEE World Forum of IoT (2020 & 2021), Tech Super Expo 2020, Edge Computing World 2019, and Futurist 2019. He also lectured at York University's Lassonde School of Engineering. Prior to entering full-time into tech start-ups, he spent a dozen years between Deloitte and Brookfield Asset Management. He is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Professional Accountant, and Certified Blockchain Professional who was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2004 while completing his Finance degree at Western University.