About Jim Schulenberg

Jim Schulenberg is an experienced senior executive within the banking, financial services and insurance industries, and he urrently leads DMI’s BFSI global business unit. Having held positions leading teams and delivering value within leading BFS&I services firms in North America, Europe and Australia, Jim has seen the impact of process and technology change across industries for more than 25 years, and now focuses on accelerating the converging impact that blockchain, telematics, process automation and advanced analytics offer across the BFSI sector. Leveraging his deep experience in customer experience solutions and aligning to these emerging industry mega-trends, Jim is helping DMI’s clients enter new markets, introduce new products, address new customer segments and adjust to the behaviors of changing customer expectations within the BFSI industries. As these converging trends will ultimately be driven and aligned to customer-centric platforms, DMI – with the focus on mobile-compute platforms – is uniquely suited to bring these together in the most forward thinking, timely and cost effective fashion