Jo-Ellen Abou Nader and Steve Kearney

About Jo-Ellen Abou Nader and Steve Kearney

Jo-Ellen Abou Nader, Vice President of Fraud, Waste and Abuse and Supply Chain Optimization, Prime Therapeutics: Jo-Ellen Abou Nader joined Prime Therapeutics in March 2017 and is responsible for network audits and comprehensive fraud, waste and abuse program strategy, as well as oversight of the supply chain. Prior to joining Prime, Jo-Ellen gained over 16 years of experience in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) audit and fraud industry. During that time, she also worked with specialty pharmacy, clinical product solutions, government affairs, and sales and account management. Steve Kearney, Medical Director, SAS: Steve Kearney helps lead the SAS’ focus on the future of digital health across health care, life sciences and government. An innovator in health outcomes and digital medicine, he works with SAS’ world-renowned team to help solve the most complex health care challenges using advanced analytics, machine learning and AI.