About Kamala Manju Kesavan and Anand Kulkarni

Kamala Manju Kesavan is a visionary leader in the field of digital transformation, with a wealth of experience in software engineering and technology innovation. Known for her expertise in spearheading complex projects and driving organizational change, Kamala has played a pivotal role in modernizing supply chain operations for leading retailers. Her insightful contributions to the industry have earned her recognition as a thought leader and influencer in transformational technology. Kamala's commitment to excellence and her passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies have positioned her as a driving force in shaping the future of business. Anand Kulkarni works as CSO for Horizon4 Digital Solutions, an Advisor for Axar Digital Services, Indian Patent Expert, and Blogger. He is a thought leader in High Productivity Digital engineering. As of now, he is helping Global Hi-Tech Orgs with High Productivity Strategies and Solutions; he also works pro-bono to improve the innovation quotient in Universities.