Case Study: Amway Gets a Clean View of Transactions


With an immense network of independent distributors, Amway executives needed to better understand the status of orders, and be able to communicate updates. 

Name of organization: Amway

Industry: Consumer goods

Location: Ada, Michigan, USA

Opportunity or Challenge Encountered: Amway, a consumer products company that offers more than 140 products through a global network of millions of independent distributors, has a massive scale of operations. One of its global units, Amway India, sought real-time visibility across its distributor network and global supply chain. The key was to keep both distributors and customers engaged at every step post an order was placed.

How This Opportunity or Challenge was Met: The company engaged FarEye, which offers a mobile application in iOS & Android and a process engine to adapt to geographic-specific logistic processes. The solution was designed to provide desired visibility into of the process right from the time products move out of the fulfillment centers until they reached the customer or direct seller with the help of third-party logistics. When a customer and direct seller places an order with Amway, the warehouse team prepares a ready-to-ship package and digitally notifies one of the multiple third-party logistics partners.

Benefits of this Initiative: The enhanced visibility into its logistics helped Amway to cut down the delivery time as well as evaluate third-party logistics partners based on their on-the-ground performance, thus separating the star performers from the laggards. The solution also helped third-party logistics partners in directly engaging with the customers as well as understanding the operations better. The logistics mobility solution helped Amway’s partners determine the most efficient route plan and delivery process. Customers could reschedule time of shipment delivery at their own convenience. Simultaneously, delivery teams were able to keep customers and direct sellers engaged with real-time updates on the status of the shipment through handheld devices.

(Source: FarEye)

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