Clearstory’s AI-based Data Discovery Platform Brings Immediate Insights


Clearstory Data, a business analytics company, has announced an AI-driven instant data discovery solution for enterprise customers.

Business analytics company Clearstory Data introduced a new Instant Data Discovery solution, driven by artificial intelligence, which is able to discover patterns in blended data and provide customers with automatic insights without any need for manipulation.

The new solution was unveiled at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit. Clearstory Data said it ends the deception and distortion effect caused by BI dashboard visualizations and the pre-biases of IT-driven data modeling.

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Clearstory Data was ranked by CIO Review as one of the 100 most promising big data solution providers.

“When it comes to highly complex data from many different sources, the task of modeling data and building visual dashboards has become daunting for even the most data-savvy companies,” said Dr. Timothy Howes, Chief Technology Officer of Clearstory Data.

“AI and ClearStory’s application of it to complex business analytics ensures that no critical data or insight is ever lost or left behind as a result of human biases in the data modeling process in the visual dashboard creation process. When it comes to complex data the unintended distortion of a dashboard’s visualizations has misled business audiences and caused slow or inaccurate decision-making.”

Artificial intelligence is entering almost every Internet market and Gartner expects machine-learning will disrupt the current solutions and programs available from business intelligence and data analytics companies.

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