CompTIA Shows Accelerated Tech Industry Job Growth


The tech industry has an incredibly low employment rate compared to other sectors, a trend that looks to continue as we finish out the 2021 year.

A recent analysis by CompTIA has indicated that growth in the tech industry job sector has reached a two-year high. This comes at a time when job growth in other sectors is slowing. Tech companies have added thousands of new workers in both tech-specific and non-tech positions, totaling more than 120,000 positions for 2021 so far.

Tech industry jobs are consolidating

While the tech industry has shown employment highs, other industries aren’t hiring for the same positions in their own tech departments, even as August 2021 saw the biggest spike in technology sector hiring in a single month since 2018.

Some analysts suggest that the spread of the Delta variant has some sectors nervous about future revenue and operations goals, although the extent of the disruption is so far challenging to quantify. Information technology positions in all sectors actually fell in August despite record numbers in the technology industry itself. Experts aren’t sure yet if the trend will continue.

Where tech hiring is taking place

CompTIA’s analysis identifies the top areas of hiring growth: professional, scientific, and technical services, finance and insurance, and manufacturing. Of these, the first shows the most promise, with more than 50,000 positions hired.

Developers seeking employment should look to up-and-coming market areas to find employment, with the most significant month-over-month growth happening in Jacksonville, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Washington; Baltimore, Maryland; and Boston, Massachusetts. State-level statistics point to Florida, Virginia, and Massachusetts experiencing the highest month-over-month hiring levels.

Tech industry should finish 2021 strong

The nonprofit group will continue to watch trends and advocate for the information technology sector as the pandemic and other factors influence hiring. Right now, technology has an incredibly low employment rate compared to other sectors, a trend that looks to continue as we finish out the 2021 year.

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