Cybereason Raises $100 Million to Address IoT Risks


The new funding will support R&D efforts and geographic expansion.

Endpoint protection platform provider Cybereason has announced it received $100 million in funding from Japan-based SoftBank Corp. The latest round brings the total amount raised by Cybereason to $189 million since it was founded in 2012. Additional investors include CRV, Spark Capital, and Lockheed Martin.

The funding will support expanding the Boston-based company’s distribution channels and developing new technologies, according to co-founder and CEO Lior Div.

Cybereason’s artificial intelligence-powered endpoint protection platform tracks hackers as they move through a network so users can immediately spot and deal with any threats before any damage is done.

“Too much of the security industry focuses on building walls, but you can’t build a big enough wall to keep the bad guys out,” Div told ZDNet. “Adversaries can and will get into the environment, so we concentrate on what happens once they’re in.”

The company’s Deep Hunting Engine “uses machine learning and behavioural analytics to ask over 8,000,000 questions per second, correlating data across every endpoint,” Div continued.

Cybereason has over 200 customers in the healthcare, banking, retail, higher education, oil/gas, pharmaceutical and financial services sectors and says Lockheed Martin, Motorola, and Softbank are its biggest customers.


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