Tracxpoint Deploys AI Cart Platform at Italian Chain


The Tracxpoint AiC platform uses an AI-connected shopping cart that is assisted by on-cart cameras coupled with built-in weight sensors.

Next-generation self-checkout grocery solution provider Tracxpoint announced it has entered an agreement with Italian grocery chain CONAD to roll out its Artificial Intelligence Cart at one of its seven cooperatives. Tracxpoint claims the AIC platform is the most powerful, accessible and comprehensive solution for personalized in-store engagement and self-checkout available. The AiC ecosystem will start appearing in the stores in 2019.

The AiC platform uses on-cart cameras, built-in weight sensors and powerful GPUs to identify each item added to and removed from the cart and process in-cart transactions and payment when shopping is complete. The company believes this is a much better solution than the ceiling cameras used by Amazon Go.

“CONAD has committed to deploying “game changers” for the future of our physical stores. The AiC is not just a completely new smart shopping cart with a breakthrough design that can visually detect food and non-food products; it is an entire ecosystem for bringing digital convenience to the physical store – and it will be a relevant factor in keeping our loyal customers coming back,” said Maurizio Barsacchi, CIO at CONAD. “Without requiring any cloud-connected infrastructure, each AiC recognizes items visually – even in a free fall mode – a distinct advantage against competing concepts that merely rely on the store planogram or location of products. It will be the beginning of a completely new in-store experience.”

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The AiC platform also features an on-cart screen that gives shoppers access to shopping lists, store navigation and sends personalized offers. There is also an on-cart real-time bidding system for suppliers and comprehensive data mining. The tool is GDRP-compliant and protects client data.

“Tracxpoint provides a unique mix of expertise in the exciting new world of deep learning and the classical realm of computer vision,” said Gidon Moshkovitz, Co-Founder and CEO, Tracxpoint. “Our new Retail AI Engine integrated in the AiC® is built to instantly recognize and register more than 100K products, which allows us to adapt it to different customers and to fulfill different requirements beyond grocery. Since launching our first solution two years ago in more than 150 stores across Israel, we’ve seen considerable excitement in the market for a minimally disruptive platform that addresses multiple pain points of in-store retail at a fixed monthly cost.”

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