DataTorrent Now Tackles Streaming Data Management with RTS Upgrade

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DataTorrent’s RTS 3.10 brings real-time historical trend analysis and expanded streaming data support for machine learning.

DataTorrent has announced an upgrade for its Real-Time Streaming (RTS) platform. RTS is designed to assist customers in building, deploying and managing real-time streaming data apps. In RTS 3.10, they’ll find new features that simplify the process of exploring, analyzing and visualizing trends in the data they collect. It’s built on DataTorrent’s RTS Apoxi framework and designed to integrate independent apps and bring together different components to create pre-build applications.

“Companies everywhere are keenly aware of the need to gain insight from data to become more customer-centric, improve operational performance, and create new revenue streams,” said Guy Churchward, CEO of DataTorrent. “Today’s updates are not only designed to help organizations make better decisions faster, but they are part of our strategy to fundamentally change the way big data applications are designed, deployed, and managed.”

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According to the company’s blog post, key new features include support for OLAP with Druid, expanded support for machine learning and AI, store and replay, Drools Workbench integration, and application backplane.

BitTorrent also announced a new set of applications for the financial services and retail markets, available on the company’s RTS AppFactory marketplace:

  • Omni-channel Payment Fraud Prevention. The newest version of DataTorrent’s Omni-channel Payment Fraud Prevention application.
  • Online Account Takeover Prevention. A reference application that enables customers to prevent online account takeover and fraud using multiple streams of real-time data.
  • Retail Recommender DataTorrent’s Retail Recommender gives retailers the ability to produce product recommendations in real-time by using the latest innovations in machine-learning.

“Business intelligence and analytics are a top IT priority for enterprises in 2018 and a stepping stone to advanced capabilities like machine learning and artificial intelligence,” said Matt Aslett, research director for Data Platforms and Analytics, 451 Research.

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