Fujitsu and DHL Team Up to Bring IoT to the Supply Chain


Fujitsu’s technology will be used to enhance DHL worker safety, emergency response, and inventory control.

Fujitsu and DHL are partnering to bring wearable tech and the IoT to the supply chain across multiple industries. In the November 28 announcement, Fujitsu said the partnership would develop solutions built on their already successful managed procurement services collaboration with DHL Supply Chain UK.

The wearable and IoT technology the two companies have in development, such as Fijitsu Ubiquitousware, will enable the use of sensors and wearable devices to track the location and well-being of first responders and other emergency workers in the field. Real-time tracking and analytics will ensure the accurate tracking of inventory for vital equipment and fast and accurate responses in life-threatening situations.Fujits

The companies also plan to create new markets in other supply chain sectors such as airline logistics.

“We constantly seek out innovations that improve our customers’ lives. Wearable technology is going to transform the way we work, helping us understand the dynamics of what’s happening around us and providing real time insight on our environment as never before,” said Paul Richardson, MD, Specialist Services, DHL Supply Chain UKI.

Fujitsu is already working with DHL through its deployment of GlobeRanger IoT scanner and sensor technologies. DHL uses GlobeRanger in the airline industry to enable duty-free logistics, and DHL’s use of the technology is expected to deliver annual savings of more than 500,000 Euros and a 59 percent return on investment.

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