Gartner: Analyzing Your Needs for Data at Rest and in Motion


Research firm Gartner guides executives on what’s available for analytics packages and what they need to consider for their data needs.

When you leverage the greatest value from event streams, operations and data science teams need to know the differences between the categories of analytics capabilities available in the market now, and understand those that process real-time data in motion from those that process data at rest in databases, files or analytical tools.

The three key baskets of stream analytics products differ in how they manage streaming data: one product category uses short-term data storage; another uses integrated, long-term data storage; and the last uses separate, external data stores.

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And increasingly, those tools that process data in motion overlap with those that process data at rest.
This Gartner report looks at these products and services and lays out what decision-makers need to consider when analyzing their data management needs.

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