HPE and Incorta Uncork New Data Analytics Engine


Incorta will offer its enterprise analytics platform on standard configurations of the modular, in-memory computing system HPE Superdome Flex Server.

Incorta will now offer its enterprise analytics platform on standard configurations of the HPE Superdome Flex Server. This engine allows companies of all sizes to use Incorta as their single source of data analytics at high speed and scale and low cost.

HPE and Incorta have developed several reference configurations to help enterprises use the companies’ combined analytics technology to lay a foundation for their own deployments. The base configuration consists of four industry standard Intel processors with 1.5TB of memory and a choice of cores, the ability to scale up to 896 cores, and 48TB of memory in one system.

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This approach allows companies to grow their infrastructure as their data volume and user needs grow. The combined data analytics technology from Incorta and HPE will enable enterprises to:

  • Analyze terabytes of data within second
  • Rapidly aggregate large data sets to deliver deeper insights
  • Keep costs low compared to traditional data warehousing

Companies can pair Incorta’s subscription pricing with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity to benefit from public cloud and on-premises security and IT.

The partnership allows both Incorta and HPE to deliver pre-tested, defined, and scalable options that meet needs of analytics initiatives. Incorta CEO Osama Elkady says, “Like many other Incorta Fortune 500 customers, even the largest enterprises now can make timely and more accurate data-driven decisions while reducing licensing costs and redeploying to innovative projects thousands of man hours typically spent on operating and maintaining traditional data warehousing technologies.”

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