Intel and Samsung Will Develop IoT Policy Recommendations


Intel and Samsung hope to guide federal policies around the IoT.

Intel and Samsung have announced the launch of the National IoT Strategy Dialogue, a new tech initiative to bring together industry leaders and organizations to develop IoT policy recommendations for U.S. decision-makers.

The new initiative coincides with a Department of Commerce IoT proceeding and the pending Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things Act. The DIGIT Act would establish a group of federal agency leaders and industry to work together to provide recommendations on how to encourage the adoption of the IoT in the United States. If it is passed into law, the FCC would be required to submit recommendations regarding IoT spectrum needs one year after its passage.

Samsung stated that the National IoT Strategy Dialogue will focus on several key areas including:

  • IoT infrastructure investment.
  • Interoperability.
  • Security.
  • Voluntary global standards and best practices.
  • IoT innovations.
  • Public-private partnerships.

Samsung has also announced that his company will spend $1.2 billion on U.S-based IoT initiatives, including R&D, over the next four years. The investment will be led by the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, Global Innovation Center and Samsung Research America. Samsung reportedly said the investment will be split between internal R&D and other startups.

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